I have put together this website to capture and share some of my RFID related electronic projects. I initiated each of these projects in an attempt to help myself understand the technologies that are used in various 125 Khz proximity based access control systems and cards. Since there are numerous vendors who manufacture proximity based reader and card products, my efforts have been focussed on the some of the more popular and widely used products in the marketplace.

It should be noted that most proximity cards use proprietary encoding techniques and data formats such that they are usually not interchangeable with other vendors products. As as result, the projects described herein have only been designed to operate with proximity credentials that use Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) modulation including products from HID, Northern Computers (now Honeywell), IEI, Keyscan and a few others.

All information contained herein has been obtained either through publicly available websites or through some extensive amount of reverse engineering activities on my part. I do not work for any company that manufactures RFID related products nor have I ever signed a non-disclosure agreement with any RFID related manufacturer. My preliminary research has indicated that all of the applicable patents related to the technology used in my projects are no longer active.

That being said, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information presented herein except to say that what I have built actually works .... so some of my data must be accurate.

Happy Hacking !!!